In 2016 we had a vision of creating a brand and service that capitalized upon the capabilities of our time and embracing the challenge of capturing a white space that existed in the market. That brand would eventually become UBERCUTS. The journey from those early days has been one filled with extraordinary growth, challenge, uncertainty, humility, and gratitude above all else. Entrepreneurship is a humbling experience and whatever our lofty, pie-in-the-sky and perhaps naive vision at the time, it was quickly met with the harsh realities of building a brand that would meet those ambitions.

However, from the beginning we understood that the brand needed to build upon some unwavering principles – Professionalism, Consistency, Quality Service, and a Great Experience. Throughout this journey, whether it has been in building the Brand, establishing a level of Consistency in everything we do, delivering a Quality Service, and a reputation for a Great Experience, these principles have guided our decision making along the way. While there is always room for improvement we feel proud that we have gotten it right more times than not. But we are not perfect and so we are constantly learning and working to improve, with your feedback.

So, it is with this goal of constant improvement that we are pleased to launch our new brand logo, website, and social experience. We are extremely grateful to those early and consistent supporters as well as to the many new friends we have met along the journey, we wouldn’t be here without you. To our new friends whom we have not as yet met, we look forward to meeting you and delivering an unparalleled styling experience above and beyond anything you have ever experienced.

On behalf of the entire UBERCUTS team, thank you for your patronage and support, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Rajiv Harvey, Founder | CEO UBERCUTS